Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas 2007

FRC Christmas Express 2007!
It was 6:23 am when I called Francisco, I was on I75 and almost Miramar
Parkway. We were sharing how sleepy we felt but most important how excited we were to be on our way to serve at Cooper for the Christmas Express 2007.
Even though there was no cafe, we were welcomed by smiley and caring people at Cooper and then we forgot all about having cafe - ummm ..not really! But we were not there for the coffee.
We volunteered as personal shoppers and I will tell you in a minute what that meant.
We got a run down of the show and afterwards we were guided to the loby area were we made 2 lines one for the English speaking volunteers and a second one for the bilingual volunteers. So you guessed right, there was only one line, you know us Latinos we don't like to be in lines. Maria our Doral Cuban jewel surely cut the line and was in front of us out of a sudden. I am smiling right now and actually laughing cause it was fun waiting in line, teasing Maria and listening to her explanation for cutting the line.
So as a personal shopper volunteer, you wait "in line" until it is your turn and then you were introduced to a family and you take them to the "Troy store" upps Toy's Store, it sounds good though! Anyway focus Julieta!
By the way I should mention that the Cooper team did an awesome job decorating the store as you might see on the pictures, it was just amazing how that place held so much love! This is what we call using your God potential, it is using your talents and gifts God build in you to use it for the Kingdom of God.
All the toys you donated were there bringing a smile to the many parents who walked through that store. Thank you for caring and sharing! Our family had 6 children, so the parents were so happy with the treasures they found for their kids. The father and the mother of the children were there happy and in harmony searching for the perfect toys for their kids, they looked at the toys without having to stress about if they can afford them or not. It was more about what they always wanted to buy but they had not had the opportunity before. God made it happen and you were part of it, isn't that awesome!

Our first task was to get a bike for their kids, then two more gifts for each kid. When we were ready there, we headed over to the gift wrapping, we dropped off the toys and then we hit the breakfast room. There we got time to talk and connect to the family for a while. We found out that the father is a Haitian construction worker- that is a tough job! He also shared the few pictures they had of four of the six children, they have 5 girls and 1 boy.
Finally we picked up the all wrapped gifts and we picked up the bikes too. Francisco did a good job fitting the bikes in the trunk of their car. We hugged them and said goodbye to them wishing them a very special Christmas, reminding them that God loves them and cares for them. They left smiling with a grateful heart, God bless them and keep them together!

Ok! back to us! When I say us I mean: Pastor Igor, Grecy, Silvia, Francisco, Tainna Cesar, Vivian and me!
We were hungry!!!
At the end of the event Pastor Igor and Grecy -who by the way celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary on that day. Congratulations guys, God bless you abundantly!- took us for breakfast...Excuse me I must be more specific- for a Cuban breakfast. Then, when we were no longer hungry we were sleepy...Pastor Igor was solving one problem at the time, so at the end of the breakfast he ordered Cafe Cubano chico! We still had to go do Set up at our "Dushi Campus" Doral. So we all left La Carreta all caffeinated and ready for Set up!
Thank you Pastor Igor and Grecy for being so caring and loving to us, you guys rock!

If you are still not volunteering, we strongly encourage you to sign up soon, we had so much fun that day, but you were surely missed!

dushi means loving or sweetie, it is in papiamento and that is what we speak in the island of Curacao .


Gabriel Gil said...

Hey estoy muy orgulloso de ustedes. Ademas me siento privilegiado de poder servir con ustedes en Doral y hacer una diferencia en el reino.

Crytal Dragon said...

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