Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stay connected in your FRC Community!


We have a great announcement guys!
Flamingo Road Church is inviting you to shift GEARS.
This coming Wednesday night at 7:00 P.M., instead of going to Francisco's place we will meet at our Doral Campus.
Pastor Troy will be leading this CORE class live from Cooper City. Pastor Allen and Pastor Lema will be on campus to answer any questions with regards to the GEAR classes. During this class, Pastor Troy will give you a glimpse of the past, present and future of FRC.
After that we can perhaps all go and have a bite together and enjoy each other's company. Let be there as the Friends group that we are. Be there!

To help us to "Reach our God potential", Flamingo Road Chruch Doral will also facilitate spiritual formation classes given by Pastor Lema. See the schedule below, we will forward you the exact dates soon.These classes will help your spiritual growth and shape you into the man and woman that God designed you to be. Don't miss out Friends!
CORE Gear - Spiritual Partnership (Wednesday October 1st, 2008)

All the Gear classes will take place on Sundays at FRC Doral after the service.
Gear 1 - "Road map through the Old Testament" (2 weeks)
Gear 2 - Spiritual Formation "The Life You've Always Wanted" (1 week)
Gear 3 - "New Testament Highlights - Life of Christ" (2 weeks)
Gear 4 - "Making Your Money Work" (1 week)
Gear 5 - Leadership Development (2 weeks)

Cost for this 8 week Experience is just $59. Upon registering, you will receive a backpack, Gears books and all the materials you will need for the journey. So check in soon!
You can also register online here
We encourage you to take these classes as it will complement the series that we are doing now about discipleship - "In the Dust of the Rabbi"

In Christ,

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