Sunday, October 25, 2009

The day before the race

View the slide show and you will see all that I delighted my sight with. Nature displayed the most astonishing views from Pikes Peak. I truly had an amazing day. At my return from the mountains, fire trucks were surrounding my hotel- false alarm- what a blessing!
I turned in my car to valet and walked to Denver's convention center to pick up my goody-bag with my bib number and many other stuff. For dinner I had a great burger with fries!
Saturday morning I got out of bed quite late but right on time to have a nice buffet breakfast. Had lots if starch, tons of proteins and much potassium. The morning was gorgeous and so I went out for a walk and returned to the hotel. The weather was so nice that I went to the pool; yes I had my swimming gear with me. I knew that I had to go running but I was feeling afraid to go running. The altitude was going to impact my breathing and I was afraid that I might lose my confidence if I would go running and realize that I could not even run a mile. After some at the pool I decided to find my way to the gym. My pace here in Miami was of 12.14 minute per mile, so I would be happy if I would do at least 13 minutes per mile. I programmed the machine to 13 miles per minute and it was hard to keep up but after half a mile my body reacted better and better. I pushed the programming faster and I ran the second mile at 12:30 p/mile. I shot down the machine and got outside. I let the wild horses run loose. I ran around the city enjoying being able to breath with no problem what so ever. The city had a very peculiar energy, everything was in set up mode. The streets were closed and people were working everywhere I turned. The park was being transformed into the start and finish line. The signs for the drop/pick up place for the check in bags was already in place. The next morning I had to bring my personal belongings to this post, my Bib number was 7509. I was so excited and confident I would run and enjoy the race. I felt like I could have run the half marathon that same afternoon. But, I had to wait and save my energy, so I returned to the hotel and after a shower jumped into bed. I watched the Gators vs Arkansas, pfff poor Arkansas they thought for a moment they would win. was a great game and it felt good to be a Gator fan! After much delight it was time for the famous pasta night. It was not a fun dinner as the official past dinner was at the hotel and the setting was just as if you would eat at a restaurant and so I ate alone. As the night was setting in, I put all my gear in place and got myself into bed early and miraculously I felt as sleep too. Before going to bed, I read all the messages on Face Book and my emails; I prayed and thank God for all of your encouragement, for allowing me to spent such a great time on the mountains and making my dream of running this race come true. At that point, I was missing my dear friend who was not with me, the one who inspired me to run in the first place, Francisco. during the training there was not one day that I did not hear his voice in my mind, coaching me on what to eat and what to drink. Step by step I followed all the instructions he once gave me; thank you Francisco for having shared the joy of running in a race. With the memories of last year's Half Marathon in Philadelphia and a tear in my eye I felt as sleep. "Run Julie run, you can do it"

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing with us your adventure. You can climb this mountain and many others. Keep on running and finishing strong! I am very proud of you. God bless,

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