Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Giving- That's the Spirit!

Help me Color My Life!

Giving is not an obligation, it is one of those peculiar actions where we gain more than we loose even when it means having less money to spend. When we do it from the heart we never feel it is an obligation but a privilege.

Make a difference for children in poverty by donating socks. For over two months I have been in contact with Fundacion Creer en lo Nuestro it is time to take action. Help warm these feet to walk steady into a new future, in Jesus name. Join me!
This is how you can help:
"Help me warm my feet" by donating socks for children in poverty in Bogota Colombia. The temperature in Bogota right now is 51 degrees.
Go to target.com and find it by list number or click here on List ID: 012399301879116

The church I attend, Flamingo Road Church will also have several events to help cloth the poor, feed the hungry and visit the sick. They have done it during the year of course but now we will do it on a bigger scale to help many people around the world.
This is how you can help:
We need volunteers to make this happen, you could be one of the angels that will volunteer your Hands and your Feet to help others in need. Sign up Hands & Feet

The spirit of giving is strong also among my friends. A long time friend called me a few weeks ago telling me that she has this great desire for helping others in need. She just got an invitation to spend some days in her country of origin, the Dominican Republic. She remembered that there was an orphanage nearby where she is staying and she contacted the orphanage. She found out that they are in great need of 150 PJ's for the children. Join us!

This is how you can help:
it is called PJ's for the Children of Christ "Pijamas para el orfanato ninos de Cristo" Go to target.com and find it by list number or click here on List ID: 012399101255102
Bring a smile to a child with a new PJ.

Make a difference in the world and give, that's the Spirit, the Spirit of Christ!

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