Saturday, January 2, 2010

A new tomorrow!

Happy New Year!
2010 brings new expectations and new perspective to the next decennium. Some of us will write a long list with several year resolutions most of which we have dragged from previous years. A year comes and goes by and those resolutions are not met. Why? Could it be that we set unrealistic goals? or is it maybe that we do not really put our mind to accomplish our goals? From my own experience I believe that in previous years I have tried to achieve my resolutions in a not so effective way. In 2009 I accomplished my resolutions differently. One of them was to run my second half marathon just because I wanted to be more disciplined and apply a new lifestyle with an excersize routine and not just simply run the half marathon. So my resolution became to be more disciplined, have more endurance, be more healthy and to practice perseverance. The half marathon just became the tool, the insentive, to achief my resolution. In the end I ran the half marathon and maintained an excersize routine that is now part of my lifestyle. The base of my success is not much in the tactic but in the wisdom in the word of God Proverbs 16:3 "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed". In 2010 I intent to apply the same verse in my New Year resolutions allowing God to help me when I feel weary, to sleep in His arms to be restored and continue to read His word to persevere through the toughest times. Are you ready and prepared for the challenges that will face you in this new decennium?
I pray in Christ name that you will be ready when the moment comes, we are never alone as our Lord and Savior is always next to us, Happy New Year!

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