Saturday, May 8, 2010

I can do everything through him who gives me strength. Phillipians 4:13

Praise God for the gift of Life, praise God for friendships, praise God for opportunities to meet new people and share our passion together.
 This group has been meeting for 8 weeks and it has been a blessing to share life and Christ through running. Every week I look forward to meet with the group members and to run as a group. We all agree that we would prefer to sleep-in longer but once we are up we are pumped and ready to go.
What do we talk about?
Well, we do pray before we go running, we talk about coffee, morning person, not a morning person, we complaint a bit, we laugh a lot, we talk about food, about the small group leader, we share Bible verses, we talk about the picture we take at Pier 7 that is our opportunity to talk to a stranger and ask him/her to take our picture and we talk about the breakfast we have after the run.

What do we learn?
 We meet new people from different backgrounds, different states, different countries. We share our culture, we share our faith, we share our struggles, we share our joy, we share our sorrow. We learn to compare life with a running race. We encourage and challenge each other to grow our relationship with God.

Where do we run?
We run and walk through the historic Coconut Grove. Sometimes we will run in other areas when the opportunity present it's self. We did the Miami Aids Walk a few weeks ago, it was Derek's & Min's idea, they do this walk every year. So as a group we joined them to walk for a cause.

Who runs?
We all run because we wish to improve our physical condition, but we all want to find out how can we combine running and growing spiritually. We build relationships and friendships while we run, we are no professional runners but we are committed to train our discipline, perseverance, endurance and open our hearts to teach and learn from each other.

           The first time we met to Run the Good Race, we were just 3, Jeannie who sign up as the first member, Francisco, who signed up second and of course me. Every weekend we go out with expectation seeing the presence of God in our hearts, tuning our minds with our soul, enjoying nature around us and the spectacular views that reminds us that God thought of every detail to make our life and days colorful and joyful. Each week we come back together

My passion about running is relatively new. It was my friend Francisco who shared his two passions in life with me; running and his love for Christ. He taught me how to combine the two and shared his perspective about the similarity of life and running a race. With scripture he taught me how to be disciplined, increase my perseverance and how to stay focus but more important: to enjoy the running, to enjoy life through trials. I discovered joy through sacrifice, both spiritual and physical. I ran 2 half Marathons and several 5K. Now it is my turn to pass on to others that same passion. I thank God for Francisco's dedication and willingness to share his passion of running with me and with the group. What he started one day as an individual has now touched and opened opportunities to encourage others.
Thanks to Christ for sending the Holy Spirit to dwell among us. Thanks to our Lord for his living word that guides us to Run the Good Race : "Run in such a way as to get the prize". 1 Corinthians 9:24.
What is your passion? and how does it impact others?

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andre said...

Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere. Psalm 84:10! Come and understand the peace and joy that transcends all understanding by a deep relationship with God. Come ye all!

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