Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wise advise

Plans fail for lack of counsel,
   but with many advisers they succeed.
Proverbs 15:2

Sometimes God places an idea in my heart and I kind of work it out to some extend but then I need to seek counsel to continue developing the idea. From my friends I select the ones I believe have the experience or expertise in the matter. When it comes to matters of the heart or my thoughts, I follow the same procedure. I have a couple of persons who know me well and whom I trust with my personal life. These are not the gossipers but friends who will not repeat what you confy them. Last year I was dating a person and for as much that we had in common, we also had a lot that was very different. I don't seek a duplicate of me, that would be boring but at least someone who's heart and passion is in the same direction as I do. I asked a few very good friends to advise me on different issues, some cultural others were concerning the faith. At the end I was willing to give it the very best shot because I was interested. This was a very nice person who I respect, that at the end was not someone who was equally yolked with me and that would have been a problem in the future.
It happens that sometimes we want something so bad that we just follow what seems to be good but is not exactly what God had for us. We loose patience and we quickly wish to take the opportunity we have been waiting for. People could not understand me why I did not pursue this more aggressive but at the end and from the beginning God is always right for what he puts in our hearts. The thing is who is the one giving you the advise to make your next move? Chose your confident wisely, pray and ask God to place godly people in your life to give you sound advise. Don't go behind what seems to fit in your plans rather seek God and allow him to take you by the hand. People don't need to understand your decisions, the ones who know your heart trust your judgement and God sees your heart.
The enemy will do anything just to have you keep silent, it knows that no one will be pray for you but instead people will gossip about you and make you feel bad. It is in his best interest that you have less friends. With time I have learned to be patient and faithful. I have seen the hand of God deliver me from the people who do me wrong. Therefore I fear the Lord.
 The still waters and green pastures are to be enjoyed under the obedience and faithfulness of ours hearts to God. Pray for good friends, pray for restorations of broken friendships and pray for trust and forgiveness. Pray for humbleness and for seeking God to lead the way.

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