Saturday, July 16, 2011

In all you do, honor God!

Recently I have been reading many blogs. Few content exalts God the Father, his only son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I am as guilty as those blogs. At all times it is my intention to write to exalt the divine Trinity but my not very focused writing skills kill my purpose at times. I like to believe that it is the same thing that happens to others.
There is no writing and there is no story if there is no real Holy Trinity that sustains the life of these posts. I do not write in order to obtain a novel price for my writings. I write because I want to share the joy I have found in my faith in Jesus Christ. A faith that is sustained in the word of God and the action of that faith that can only happen through the strength and guidance of the Holy Spirit. A Faith that delivers victory through Christ Jesus to all who believe.
It surely is not a kind of life without tears and trials. It is not that my life changed to be one without troubles and doubts and insecurities. On the contrary, my life is pretty much like yours. The key is that I experienced a transformation from within. No more do I have to be defeated by misfortune but I live in victory because I do not have to worry about death and failure. The Bible taught me in Philipians 4:13 that I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Before, I used to try my best and then quit if I did not conquer. Now I learned to try my best and to press on until I conquer. Quitting is not an option; it should neither be an option to you, God loves us just as much.
Through the word of God, I learned that I don't exist just because of chance but that God created me and you, with a purpose. The purpose to worship and live a righteous life for his glory. The question was if I would chose to live such life and believe that there is a God that loves me that much to get me joyfully through it. I chose to believe and to strive to live that righteous life. I will fail, it is not a question if I fail but when I inevitably fail... than I have the confidence that I can return to a merciful God that will comfort me through the consequences of my wrong doings and give me peace to help me get up and try again.
Hence the writing helps me to pen down my feelings and give a glimpse of the life of an active believer in Jesus Christ in the 21 century. Perhaps my wrong decisions will help someone else not to commit the same bad turns. Perhaps my joy might light hope in the darkness of another, perhaps my faith will made an atheist doubt of his stubbornest. Perhaps my terrible writing defeats my pride. Perhaps my readers might pray for me with compassion.
Whatever reason you have to read my blog, I pray God will fill your heart with incomprehensible joy through his living word Jesus Christ. That through his Holy Spirit you will be encouraged to do those things you ought to do but have chose not to. I am far from having it all together but in whatever I do, I commit to the Lord and lean on his promise that by doing so, the Lord will favor my commitments to succeed. Proverbs 16:3 For that and my life, I give thanks to the Lord Almighty!

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