Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Top Soccer Players & Ambassadors for Christ!

Growing up, I learned to appreciate soccer. My father, my uncles and cousins all roared during soccer games.  I guess that my first recollection of soccer was that of the World Cup of 1978 Argentina vs Holland, hosted in Argentina. I remember my mother looking with anxiety at the tv monitor. Back then I was 6 years old and we were living in Mexico city. As children we would stop playing during those tense moments where it felt wrong to even breath. My father though, did not dedicate his Sundays to soccer, but he spent time with his two beautiful daughters. That is at least what he says about his daughters. Anyway, we became familiar with the soccer ball by playing my cousin who for lack of other boys played with us and his sisters. But it never got near to a soccer game, it was more fun to run around the house or playing Tea time; of course my poor cousin was always the butler.

When we grew up we moved to Curacao and since  it was Dutch territory, soccer was a popular sport. So we continued to be inspired by the World Cups tournaments and other FIFA tournaments. I became a Boca Junior fan, don't ask how that happened but it did! My first soccer jersey was of course that of the Tri, I got it from my uncle in Mexico, then I got my Boca Junior jersey, I got it from my Argentinean admirer and years later I bought the Dutch jersey. During that time the most I remember is Maradona giving soccer a very bad name. I began to lose my passion for soccer because I somehow thought that all the players were drug addicts, womanizers and that somehow they were not professional athletes. For some time, I only watched the World Cup and perhaps the EU World Cup but not more.
But then the image of soccer started to change slowly... And one day I realized how the players were becoming better role models and some of them were no longer hiding the power behind their victories, God. Players from other sports branches were also witnessing about their faith. The world of sport is being impacted and influenced by godly men who are courageous enough to declare Christ as their Lord and Savior. On the court and outside, they are living lives that honor God, their family and their countries. They have become role models in their communities and their country. Their voice echoes throughout the world, their message: The Gospel. Every player has a different story to tell, a different challenge they faced before coming to Christ. But they are not quiet about their conviction and their faith in Jesus. Check the second video and you will see the many faces of soccer super stars who are speaking and witnessing for Jesus Christ.These young men, speak up and use their influence to bring the word of God to the world.

Today we have a great problem within our culture, our godly men are few or perhaps they are there but not in action. Statistics of: human trafficking, single mothers, orphans around the world, abused women, abused children are on the rise. Where are the men? We need them to protect God's children, we, women need their help in changing those statistics. Men are not the only problem but Godly men are the solution..It is not fair to stereotype nor the men or the women, there are great men and women out there making the difference but we should advocate a bit more to take better initiatives and to bring new solutions in order to involve our men in ministry and to support them be all that God created them to be. As a Boca Junior fan it is very hard to post a video of River Goalie Falcao(joke), but this video shows him addressing thousands of fans. I become a complete sucker when I see a man giving testimony of the God they worship. There is nothing more moving then to see men in their God given role.
Thank you Lord for multiplying the godly men one life at the time!
Enjoy the videos.

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